Why my Dog is Obsessed with my Belly Button?3 Likely Reasons?

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There’s no doubt about it: this is a bizarre subject.

A lot stranger than those moments when your dog smacks its head in your face.

It could be as bizarre as pondering the reason your dog licks your ear of yours from time (though it’s true that it’s tough to beat the inverted canine nip)!

If the question, “My dog is obsessed with my belly button – what’s the reason? ?” crosses your mind You might think that you’ve strayed into unknown areas.

As everyone knows, with the amazing age of the internet, nothing is inaccessible. And we have solutions to your difficult question right now!

Dogs are typically drawn to human belly buttons due to three reasons:

The smell of the dirt that has been ingrained, salt, and oils give off

Hormonal changes within the body

You may be suffering from an ailment that you are being affected by.

Eliminating every possibility is the first step to solving this mystery of the belly. In most cases, it’s nothing too serious and you can keep away this behavior from your pet by distracting them, refusing to engage in the behavior, and introducing new behavior.

My Pet Dog Keeps Sniffing My Belly Button:


If you have an animal, you’d probably be comfortable when they lick and nuzzle your skin and smell the belly of your dog? Most likely not so happy with it.

If this happens, you’ll likely be irritated and wonder, “I feel like my dog is obsessed with my belly button”. What could be the motive behind your dog seeking to get a sniff of the belly button?

It is there are many possible causes!

1. Dirty Belly Button

You probably know that your belly button is an area that is likely to be a source of unpleasant unwelcome smells. This is particularly the case when lots of dirt, sweat, and oils are accumulated within the navel.

While these scents may seem unappetizing to you, they can be tempting to your dog. Inattention to the belly button could result in fungal or bacterial infections of the navel. This could be a reason behind the sour smell.

Be aware that there are occasions in which you’re able to diligently monitor the cleanliness of the belly button and yet emit a scent that draws your pet.

Furthermore, if you’re more physically active the body will naturally produce more salts and oils as a result of physical activity and temperatures.

Like you’d expect, the belly button is among the areas of your body, where the oils and salts could remain unnoticed. If you’re active your belly button will have an increased chance of giving an aroma that could catch the attention of your furry friend.

2. Hormonal Changes:

Image Source : trainyourgsd

It’s odd that the smell of a dirty belly button isn’t the only reason that dogs might be inclined to look at your belly button.

There have been many reports of dogs smelling their mothers’ stomachs button during pregnancy. While it’s not been confirmed scientifically the reason for this peculiar behavior is that dogs detect hormonal changes via smell.

Thanks to their amazing sense of smell Dogs are able to discern volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within your body. This is because VOCs are gaseous substances produced by the body when it undergoes certain changes.

These VOCs could result as a result of an illness or may result from factors external to the body such as changes in diet or exposure to certain toxic substances in the environment, or the use of certain medications.

Therefore it is, if your dog is curious about sniffing your stomach while you’re anticipating, it’s because they know that there are certain changes taking place within your body. If they are putting their noses at the job, they’re likely trying to determine the reason for what’s happening.

3. Ailments

If you’ve been trying to discover more about the reasons your dog would feel your belly button’s smell it is possible that you have found a story on the internet that describes the Siberian Husky that saved its owner’s life with a sniff!

Although Stephanie didn’t find her dog’s behavior odd initially, it led to more concerns over time.

This discovery has led both researchers and dog owners to think that dogs might be able to detect various ailments with their powerful senses of smell.

In that case, if you’ve observed that your dog has repeatedly smelt your belly for a prolonged time, you may consider rethinking the message the “dog-tor” is trying to convey.

Why Does My Dog Always Lick My Belly Button?


Image Credit: istockphoto

In addition to sniffing the belly button, The furry friend may consider your belly button very tasty and would like to touch it. Why would they decide to do that?

If you love taking your morning jog or participating in other vigorous full-body exercises during the day, then you might have noticed that when you return home, your dog will be all over you at the same time, wanting to kiss your legs or face.

While you may consider this to be an unusual behavior but it’s actually fairly normal for dogs. The reason dogs behave this is because, after physical activity, the body’s body releases the oils and salts that canines consider very tasty.

Another amazing thing about belly buttons for humans is that they’re bigger and have a distinct form than the belly buttons of dogs.

Humans can either wear the “innie” or “outie”. If you’re blessed with the belly button that is innie it’s a tiny pocket that could be home to various dirt, oils, and sweat as you go about your daily routine.

If this happens it is recommended to scrub your belly thoroughly. can solve your issue.

Should I Be Worried If My Dog Is Obsessed With My Belly Button?

   Image Credit: Pinterest

When you have figured out the reason that your dog is always eager to look at or rub the belly of your dog, you may naturally begin to think about the fascination.

Humans tend to think of the direst scenario. In this scenario, you may be concerned that your pet is attracted to the smell of your belly button due to something that is wrong with your body.

While there are instances where a dog continuously looking at your belly button could indicate that you must consult your physician as soon as possible, it could be as easy as a soiled belly button.

If you notice that your dog keeps smelling or even licking you on the stomach, take the following steps to rule out probable causes prior to making the decision to consult an animal veterinarian:

1. Clean Your Belly Button Thoroughly

Isn’t this dog’s blog?

Evidently, we offer humans advice on hygiene now as well!

When you next find yourself in the bathroom, you should pay close focus on your belly button. Clean it thoroughly using soap and warm water.

You could also use your fingers to push white cloths into the crease of your belly button. If the cloth’s color changes and dark brownish, then you’ve probably neglected the belly button for way too long!

If that’s the scenario, you can rest at ease knowing that the smell of the accumulation of dirt is likely to be the reason for your dog’s fascination with the belly button.

2. Look Closely At Your Belly Button For Signs Of Infection

This is not something that you can avoid for long.

If you’ve got an infection with bacteria within your belly button, the area will release the smell of a sour smell that is unpleasing to you (even the dog may appreciate it).

If your dog’s obsession with belly buttons is accompanied by discomfort, swelling, redness, or a yellowy discharge around the area, then you most likely have an infection that demands medical attention.

3. Inspect For Candidiasis:

If the infection is severe, you might see a thick white discharge.

If you’re diabetic this could ring a huge signal, like those with diabetes are more prone to candidiasis.

4. Be On The Lookout For Any Changes After Surgery

If you’ve had abdominal surgery, and then developed an infection as a result and you notice swelling around your belly button. It is an extremely serious issue and you should consult your physician promptly when this happens.

5. Watch out for Bloody Discharge

A bloody discharge emanating from the belly button prompts urgent intervention in the form of visiting your physician. The discharge may be the sign of a cyst of the urachal.

6. Check For Bumps In Your Belly Button

There are instances where sebaceous cysts can develop inside the navel due to the action of the oil-releasing glands.

In these circumstances, it is possible that the cyst will be infected. If this happens the affected region will turn tender and red. In the event that your infection becomes very severe, it could cause an unpleasant, thick, and smelly discharge that is leaking through the cyst.

My Dog from Being Obsessed With My Belly Button?

Image Credit: Everyday health

If your dog is able to sniff your belly button too often, there’s an excellent likelihood that they’ll end up licking your belly button as well. This can be a nuisance at best!

In order to stop this kind of behavior, It’s an ideal idea to first identify the source of the problem. Check that your belly button of yours is free of any traces and if it is you should also ensure that you’re free of any medical conditions.

1. Distract Them

There are a variety of ways to divert a dog from his recently-discovered belly button-sniffing behavior.

One of the best ways to do this method is to play with some of their preferred toys to divert their focus of his. It is also possible to take him out to walk around or play a game of fetch with him!

2. Give It Enough Attention

Licking and sniffing your belly button may be your pet’s (rather irritating) method of attracting your attention of you.

Instead of ignoring it completely and ignoring it completely, make sure that you pay attention to your dog with frequent cuddles and hugs and play games or even take him for a stroll.

3. Use A Few Tricks

Use some new commands to ensure that your dog stops doing whatever he’s doing!

4. Reject The Behavior

Walk away or turn around if your dog exhibits this type of behavior.

5. Ensure That Your Dog Is Well-Stimulated

The act of licking is the dog’s method of dealing with stress or boredom. In this instance, making sure that you’ve met your dog’s needs for interaction daily and that they’re stimulated could be the answer to this issue.

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In Summary

  • If you’re experiencing the sensation of “My dog is obsessed with my belly button!” It’s a fact that it isn’t as unusual as you may think.
  • There are a variety of reasons including smells emanating from the trapped dirt and oils as well as hormonal changes and illnesses that could be the reason behind your puppy’s current fascination with your navel.
  • It could be that they are looking at the stomach button (or other areas in your body) due to a desire for attention and interaction!
  • It’s not unusual that dogs have the ability to smell out grave illnesses that are hidden it’s an ideal idea to pay the veterinarian a visit when your dog’s behavior continues to be problematic.
  • If all goes well and you’re able to stop the annoying behavior divert their focus by giving them simple commands like “sit” or “leave” or making it a priority to rebuke their behavior until they understand!

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