Why My Dog Smacking Lips In The Middle Of The Night?

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When you are in the middle of a blissful, peaceful sleep you suddenly hear a strange sound emanating from the mattress. You are frightened, and you investigate the noise and discover that the dog’s lips that were the source of the noise. “Why is my dog Smacking its lips in the middle of the night?” you might think. In the simplest of scenarios, your dog might be dreaming of food and causing them to bite their lips while asleep. The constant licking or smacking of lips may be an instinctual behavior of calming that can help your dog to relax. However, it could also indicate the presence of a diet that is not healthy or consistent.

Why Is My Dog Touching Her Lips All The Time?

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Dogs can also be more likely to lick their lips in the event that food is always all around. Smelling the food and then feeling hungry could naturally trigger saliva production which is why your dog might be able to lick his lips to stop saliva from running everywhere.

However should your dog have experienced something bitter, toxic, or just plain unpleasant ( like Catchmaster glue traps!), they could also be licking their lips to eliminate the taste in their mouths.

In rare instances, the licking and Smacking behavior may be a personal characteristic. Also, lip licking or smacking can be a peculiar natural behavior that developed naturally and has no adverse results.

Other possible explanations for the reason your dog may be acting this way could be digestion issues, dehydration as well as cognitive problems. oro-dental issues.

Dehydration of Dog:

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Dogs can be dehydrated quickly, particularly when the temperature gets colder warmer, hotter, or dryer.

If your dog has health issues such as kidney or liver disease, they could lose water faster and might not hold water as effectively as healthy dogs.

Dehydrated dogs may be prone to lick or smack their lips in excess to wet their mouths. dry mouth can cause discomfort.

A few signs that show your dog’s not drinking enough can be seen in the following signs:

  • Gums that stick or dry, peeling gums
    Eyes drooping
    The loss of skin elasticity
    Scabs that are crusty around the mouth

Rehydrate your pet by making sure there is always enough water available to drink.

It is important to regularly replace old water to get new, fresh water. It can also help to ensure that your dog isn’t afraid of the drinking bowl!



Nausea can trigger the production of excessive saliva in dogs, as their body prepares itself to protect organ surfaces against acidic bile. This could cause dogs to lick and smack their lips to eliminate excessive saliva.

Most causes of nausea involve GI issues like acid reflux, food allergies pancreatitis, and pancreatitis as well as inflammation of the bowel.

It is also the major reason for nausea since the build-up of acid gastric in stomachs that are empty could result in the transfer of these fluids to the esophagus.

It can cause a numb sensation in the mouth and throat, making your dog react by licking or Smacking their lips, hiccup, and then swallowing as an effort to relieve the discomfort.

The symptoms of nausea could be:

  • Vomiting
    Appetite loss
    Consuming random objects like grass
    Coughing on different surfaces (such as the floors) as well as coughing

To avoid nausea triggered by hunger late at night, make sure you serve a light, late-night snack. Foods that are suitable include those that can be digested easily, for example, chicken breast as well as potatoes and bananas.

Antacids, such as Pepto Bismol, can aid in relieving stomach acid and nausea. The ideal dosage of Pepto Bismol in dogs should be 1 teaspoon per every 10 lbs of body weight, every six hours.

Reinforced Behavior


As time passes your pet might have realized that licking their lips or hitting their lips results in them being rewarded by your appreciation. In the end, the bizarre behavior persists.

If reinforcement behavior is the reason behind the problem, every moment you pay attention to your dog incites them to lick their lips and lick their lips and over.

To end the cycle of dog lip-smacking, you will need not smack your dog whenever it starts licking or smacking to ensure that the behavior doesn’t be reconditioned. However, you should not penalize them, as this could cause emotional stress and increase the severity of the behavior.

It is a good idea to consult a dog behaviorist as they might be able to give you the correct training methods that will stop this undesirable behavior.

Emotional disappointment


If dogs are uneasy, they can use their licks in order to display their fear or confusion.

For dogs, the feeling of anxiety, fear, or stress may be triggered by a range of circumstances, including thunderstorms and receiving a pet from strangers or hearing sounds from a foreign country.

Other indicators of emotional distress could be:

  • Tenseness
    The position is crouched.
    A low-set ear with a Tucked tail
    Avoid eye contact

To help reduce your dog’s emotional distress, you can:

  • Encourage more exercise throughout the day.
    You can divert their attention by providing engaging toys
    Do not ignore stressful behaviors if you can.
    Reward peace
    Introduce new environments
    Removal of any causes of distress
    Give your dog some space.

If you are experiencing extreme emotional distress, speak to your vet, as he could be competent to prescribe medication or suggest an animal behaviorist who can help you retrain your pet’s fears.

Cognitive Dysfunction

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Canine cognition disorder syndrome is a disease that refers to a change in the neural networks, leading to changes in behaviors. It could also be the reason why your dog is prone to licking or kissing his lips frequently and frequently.

Similar to the human form of dementia The condition is most often seen with age in dogs.

Other signs and symptoms of the illness could be:

  • Inappropriate elimination
    Confusion and searching for a solution
    Alternate sleep-wake cycles

Although there isn’t a cure for this disease, however, you can slow its effects by making sure that your dog is fed a healthy diet and get regular mental and physical stimulation.

Dental Problems


Also, if your dog is biting your lips it could be a sign of a problem with your mouth or even teeth. An examination by your vet is the most effective way of diagnosing the issue and providing the proper treatment to ensure rapid recovery.

The potential issues could be:

  • Trauma
    Periodontal disease (often seen in the form of the appearance of black marks or lines on teeth)
    Canine stomatitis
    Foreign material

The trauma to the mouth can cause inflammation and itching. Your dog might want to chew on their lips in order to alleviate itching caused by the infection.

periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition that can manifest in dogs and adult dogs who do not maintain proper dental hygiene. In time, it could cause pain, infections, and even loss of teeth. At later stages of the disease, the lip is  Smacking more frequently to ease the discomfort caused by the condition.

Canine Stomatitis is an inflammation of mucous membranes in the mouth. The exact reason for this is not known. However, canine stomatitis may result in swollen gums as well as sores. A dog can lick his gums continuously to stop irritation from sores and swelling gums.

Sialocele refers to the swelling and consolidation of the internal tissues caused by the leakage of saliva from salivary glands. This results in an accumulation of saliva inside the mouth. This can cause excessive Smacking in order to move the saliva around the mouth.

. Surgery to drain the swelling will resolve the issue. Small items like foxtails may become stuck between their teeth. This could cause pain and result in sleepless nights.

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Final Result:

When dogs kiss their lips in the middle of the night, it’s probably a sign of nausea or dehydration because of food cravings. There are other possible reasons, however.

A lot of the reasons dogs bite their lips late at dark are exactly the same which explains why they might do it throughout the day, too.

Other reasons that could be a factor are digestive issues or cognitive issues, heightened behavior, and dental oro-dental issues.

To better understand why your dog licks or smacks their lips make a video recording of the behavior and write down any possible triggers. They can be helpful when you decide to consult with your veterinarian or dog behaviorist about the problem.

A quick check-up and proper treatment will ensure that you as well as your pet get the rest you require at night.

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