What If My Dog Ate Poop! How Do I Clean His Mouth?3 Effective Methods:

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2022)

“My dog has pooped! What can I do to clean it out of his mouth?” This question is more frequent than you imagine.

Cleaning the dog’s mouth can be challenging. If you discover that your dog has eaten the poop, whether it’s their own the dog of a different breed, cat poop, or even the mystery poop, getting their mouths is vital to prevent being displeasing (or more so) by the adoring look of your pet’s kisses. These snacks are the most convenient method to ensure your pet’s oral hygiene when compared to alternatives we’ll be discussing later in this article.

But, if you’re looking to ensure your pet’s mouth is clean from any traces of poop, you’ll need to take it one step further. Although the majority of these suggestions require the purchase of a product these products are great for any pet owner to keep around their home. You might already have certain items we’re about to discuss!

How To Disinfect A Dog’s Mouth:

Doggie Mouthwash :

If you’ve ever said to yourself “My dog has poop! How can I wash the mouth of my dog?” you might want to consider purchasing a mouthwash for dogs.

While the concept of a dog washing their mouths out with mouthwash is funny, the actuality of it is far more ordinary. Regularly scheduled pet mouthwash treatments are among the most efficient ways to wash your pet’s mouth.

There are numerous options that are available for pet mouthwash.  Doses that exceed 0.5 grams/2.2 pounds could result in liver failure.

To give a more clear picture of what that means we’ll be doing some math.

A common dog mouthwash has xylitol levels of 5 mg/ml.

This means that the average 10kg (22 pounds) Dachshund must consume more than 140ml (0.6 cups) of mouthwash in order to be at risk of developing hypoglycemia. However, the recommended dose of 1 teaspoon (14mls).

The dachshund must be fed 10 times its recommended dose to be at risk of suffering from hypoglycemia. It’s quite unlikely.

If you’re at risk of liver failure in the same circumstances. A dog weighing 10kg will need to drink more than 700mls (almost 3 cups!) of mouthwash.

Since the typical mouthwash bottle contains only 8 fluids 8 ounces (1 cup) this is a quantity of waste. you’ve dumped into the bowl of your dog’s drinking water should he suffer liver damage.

Our humble opinion is that so long as you follow the dosage instructions the dog should be protected. It’s very difficult in the event that your do take a massive dose of xylitol via mouthwash for dogs!

But, if you prefer to stay clear of dog mouthwashes that have xylitol in them then the highly-rated PetLab Co. Dental Formula water additive is among the few that don’t include the ingredient xylitol on its list.

The Quick Clean:

Certain pet experts know developed the Quick Clean Method down to an exact science And now you too can benefit from it. They’ve released the detailed instructions professional dog walkers use when one of their clients is involved in poop. We provide the essentials right here:

Make sure that the dog is fed and drinks water. This triggers saliva production that naturally cleanses your mouth and helps to flush out the stinky and odorless residue. You can add homemade water-based additives, such as lemon juice, to freshen up the breath of your dog.

Offer your dog a chew. Also, saliva can help in cleaning the mouth because it’s an antibacterial and natural disinfectant. The ridges and edges of the treat will scrape off the remaining food particles stuck between the gums and teeth.

Make sure to clean the dog’s mouth using the help of a cloth. Wrap gauze or soft cloth around your finger. Dip it into dog toothpaste salt water, coconut oil (which contains lauric acid, which can be antibacterial), and then wipe your mouth to clean out every last drop of residue and, more importantly, any staining.

Then, fill the water bowl with the recommended amount of mouthwash and water. If the dog had already drunk its entire water bowl prior to the first step, soak a piece of gauze or cloth into mouthwash and then clean it on its mouth.

This is a fast and simple method to ensure that your dog’s mouth remains free from any bacteria. This will leave their breath fresh after they eat food items or poop.

Puppy Toothpaste:


For some dog owners, the notion of brushing their pet’s teeth is off the table. If you’re among them this is the case, then the earlier methods might be more appropriate for your preferences.

If, however, your dog is gentle enough to let you clean their mouths. it can be the quickest and most efficient method to clean their mouths.

Prior to doing this, be certain to purchase dog toothpaste. You should also avoid using a regular toothbrush on your toilet. Although it appears to be an easy method to save money, however, human toothpaste is a significant danger to the health of a dog.

The benefits and drawbacks of puppy toothpaste nearly are a matter of fact. It’s usually the fastest and most efficient way to ensure that your pet’s mouth is clean, however, only if your dog is willing to allow it.

After your dog is comfortable with the sensation of its mouth and teeth being scrubbed, it is time to begin using finger-based toothbrushes.

Since brushing your teeth is not a natural thing for dogs, be sure that you treat them with food and props. It is possible to stick with brushing your fingers to cleanse your dog’s mouth, but if you have a large dog with large jaws it may be necessary to switch to the use of a toothbrush.

Why Does My Dog Eat Poop And How Do I Prevent It?

Image Credit: insider

When you’re experiencing situations where your dog is getting poop every now and then the course of time this isn’t necessarily abnormal. Just check out these adorable “poops,” which are tempting your dog to eat.

The most effective way to stop your dog from eating poop is to eliminate them from your dog’s environment. It’s also an excellent idea to teach your dog to understand”leave it” as a “leave it” command so that you can shield your dog away from any poop while walking.

If you are concerned that the behavior is becoming more obsessive. It could be an indication to examine the health of your pet. Certain dogs suffer from the condition known as coprophagia which is when they begin to eat and seek out poop. It can be caused by:

  • The desire to balance the microbiome within the stomach.
  • In a state of numbing, trying to absorb the nutrition that your dog may have a shortage of.
  • The reasons for behavior are anxiety, boredom, or the need for attention.

If your pet is trying to drink poop frequently ensure that they’re eating enough food to meet their weight and physical activity. Also, ensure that they’re receiving balanced nutrition and try giving them vegetables and grains for carbs and fiber. A dog that is exercised and well-fed is less likely to consume poop than a normal animal.

Can I Feed My Dog Pineapple To Stop It Eating Poop?

Image Credit: dogdorable

This is caused by an enzyme found in pineapples known as bromelain which alters the flavor and smell of poop. It’s a scent that even your dog could consider disgusting. This can be done by simply adding chunks of pineapple or puree to your dog’s regular food intake. This could be because of the high levels of MSG found in many meat tenderizers which create an unpleasant smell when dogs urine, at the very least from a dog’s perspective.

An alternative method could be using lemon juice, hot sauce, and bitter apple spray. Don’t mix those ingredients in the dog’s food!

Instead, look for an area of cat poop or cat droppings in your backyard and cover it with any of the above ingredients. If your dog gets an experience, it is less likely to be tempted to repeat the experience next time out of fear of another unpleasant encounter.

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In Conclusion:

  • Poopy dogs consume poop. It’s a normal thing that all dogs experience at least a couple of times during their lifetime. Certain dogs might even be diagnosed with a condition known as coprophagia. 
  • After your dog has completed the deed there’s nothing you can do other than take care to clean the mess from his mouth prior to giving you a messy kiss. It’s a good thing that it’s easy to do this by using a variety of methods.
  • The ideal solution is to use a pet toothbrush and toothpaste to completely cleanse your pet’s mouth. If that’s not possible, however, you can make use of pet mouthwash as well as using the Quick Clean Method to make your dog’s breath fresh and minty once more.
  • On the final day, you’ll need to find the cause of the issue to prevent your dog from eating poop in the future instead of reacting to the offensive act. Best of luck on your quest to get rid of poop!

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