Is This Mystery Solved! Why Do Male Dog’s Have So Many Nipples?

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2022)

However, in male dogs, their nipples aren’t used for anything!

Like female dogs, which have nipples too, male dogs also have the same nipples. If you don’t take the time to spend a lot of time looking at the dog’s body and body, you’ll likely be surprised to discover tiny bumps on the belly of your male dog or in the groin area. This could be an unexpected discovery even if you’re informed that male dogs do have noses.

The main question is why male dogs are able to get so many noses regardless of the fact that they won’t be nursing?

Nipples are present in male dogs for the same reason that human males do. When they are developing, both genders start out similar, meaning that they share some traits. One of the common traits of the fetus is the presence of nipples.

Anatomically the canines of male and female share the same anatomy during the womb until hormones start flowing into the fetus. This causes distinctions in sex.

Since the nipples are present by this point, hormones play a role in the development process to create distinctive reproductive organs, as well as other biologically significant differences.

Male dogs’ nipples are in a primitive state, and therefore, for want of a better phrase, they’re useless. As opposed to female dogs’ nipples male dogs’ nipples do not produce milk.

However, male canines with nipples don’t have an advantage in evolutionary terms over male pups without nipples. Today, I’ll help you with the many questions you might have in relation to male dog Nipples!

How Many Nipples Should A Male Dog Have?

No matter if they’re neutered, intact, or spayed regardless of whether they are neutered, intact, or spayed, all-male canines have nipples. Though most dogs possess 10 nipples, there are actually no strict or fast guidelines for the number of nipples the male dog must-have.

There are a lot of nibbles that male dogs differ based on the size of the dog and breed. The majority of pups with boys have between 8 and 10 nipples.

But, certain breeds can have as many as 12 nipples. Other breeds may have less. There is no benefit for male dogs with more nipples. Therefore, it’s really not a huge distinction in terms of development and development. The nipples of dogs typically begin from the chest and move all the way to the lower groin. But, occasionally, nipples be found in unusual locations.

Why Do Boy Dogs Have Multiple Nipples?

For a more precise answer Let’s think about the issue this way: All male mammals, which includes human males have nipples. They may even be reversed! However, it is the perfect sense for male dogs to possess several nipples, just as females do.

As per the AKC AKC, all embryos start with the gender of androgynous, while nipples grow at the beginning of utero, before determining sex. When hormones enter the fetus, and gender is confirmed, the rest of the organs begin growing based on the gender that the embryo is born with.

However, it’s an easy decision to conclude that the reason that male dog breeds have multiple nostrils is due to naturally occurring selection processes didn’t eliminate them.

A male dog that has ten nipples of a male dog, each set or pair of nipples has distinct names.

The names are as follows: each set:

  • The inguinal nipples: This is one near the groin.
  • The cranial abdominal nipples Two nipples lie placed on the stomach of your dog.
  • The abdominal nipples caudal The set of nipples is located on the belly.
  • The caudal thoracic nerves These nipples is located in the chest, but are closer to the abdomen.
  • The cervical thoracic nipples. This is the male dog’s nipples above the chest.

It’s not impossible that your dog’s male companion could not have all of these pairs or even have an additional pair. Don’t worry about it! It’s normal that male dog noses and nipples to wander from the exact spot you like them to be.

Even though they have multiple nipples male dogs have considerably smaller nipples as compared to the nursing female. This is why the majority of pet owners aren’t aware that their male dogs even have Nipples!

Certain dogs have nipples that match their skin color and this makes it difficult for pet owners to find the nipples.

If you have a shorter-haired pet, you’ll likely notice it much easier to spot his nipples. Pet owners with long hair might find it difficult to find their male canine nipples unless the nipples have been colored.

Do Male Dog Nipples Go Away?

Male dog nipples will never disappear! However, they tend to shrink in comparison to their size because they’re in a basic condition from the moment they are born.

In essence, nipples are tiny round bumps. Because of their dimensions, some pet owners might think they are gone as their pet gets older.

The nipples of a female dog that is intact expand during the time of pregnancy and nursing. They will and then shrink to a smaller, less obvious size afterward.

Male dog nipples don’t disappear and neither will your dog develop new nipples as they age.

Can Dogs’ Nipples Get Infected?

Although they appear to be insignificant and unimportant as the nipples of male dogs appear to be they aren’t a reason that they are to be ignored entirely. I often look at the nipples of all three male dogs to notice any recent changes or changes.

It’s not the most glamorous of jobs I’ll admit it, but it’s an important job nonetheless.

Although male dog nipples are generally safe, in some instances, they could be the cause of health problems.

In particular, it’s possible for male dogs to develop tumors of the mammary gland. If this happens you may notice an abnormal change in the shape of your nose or the presence of a lump beneath it.

Mastitis is the most common cause of swelling of mammary glands. It is most often caused by a bacterial infection that has spread into the organs of the teat. Mastitis could be caused by trauma to the glands of the nipples.

The illness can lead to death if it remains untreated. Therefore, you must consult your veterinarian immediately if you spot any signs of an infection.

Be on the lookout for the following:

  • Changes In Nipple Size
  • Examining the belly of a dog and the nipples
  • Any changes in your dog’s size nipple should cause worry.

If you notice any change in the nipples of your dog’s dimensions, look for any other indications like a bulging belly or anemia, hair loss or weight loss extreme, and a decrease in appetite and diarrhea.

They could indicate that something is terribly abnormal. In the event that you observe other signs or not, visit an animal vet for a thorough exam and to develop an appropriate treatment strategy.

Change In Nipple Color:

It’s quite normal that the nipple of your dogs change color as they age.

Although changes in color are common when it occurs gradually over time, however, sudden changes in color that is noticeable in puppies can be an indication of mastitis or infection. Be aware that while mastitis maybe not be as prevalent for males, that does not mean it isn’t possible for it to be a possibility.

Nipple Discharge:

Male dog nipples do not function and therefore should not produce any substance at all. In the event that they are, it’s evident that there is a presence of an infection. If you notice any odor appearing on the nipples of your dog, contact your vet immediately.

In addition to the visual indicators If your dog shows any of the following signs, it’s highly likely that something is not right with their nipples.

  • Painful yelping when picked from beneath the chest
  • Lethargy
  • Weight loss
  • The vomiting and diarrhea
  • Dehydration

If you notice bumps on the chest of your dog or stomach, do not believe it’s due to Nipples!

It’s easy to misinterpret a nipple for a tick also, particularly when you don’t pay attention. So, if you spot or feel something out from the norm in any way take note of it and determine what it is!

How Do I Know If My Dog’s Nipples Are Infected?

The most commonly used method to know whether the nipples of your dog’s male is by the appearance of swollen and discolored nibbles. A vet who is experienced can tell you with absolute certainty if the nipples on your dog’s are affected.

To determine when to consult a veterinarian, check your dog’s nipples as an integral part of your routine to detect any changes (even tiny ones) quickly.

Be on the lookout for the following signs:

Nipple size increases: An increase in size could be a distinct indication of cancer in the testicle or Mastitis.

Discharge: Although this rarely occurs, the nipples of your male companion could begin to release substances. We’ve learned that male dog’s nipples don’t usually contain this function, it is an issue that has to be dealt with immediately.

Lumps If you notice that there are lumps under the nose of your male dog this could be an indication of an issue that is underlying. Most of the time swelling of the nodes is the sign of mammary gland cancer, which is fortunately extremely rare.

What Does It Mean When A Male Dog’s Nipples Are Swollen?

There are many causes that can cause your dog’s nipples to expand. There are many other causes apart from mastitis and testicular cancer that may cause your dog’s nipples to grow:


Like other mammals, nipples are also one of the most insensitive areas for dogs too. Thus, swollen male dog nipples might suggest that the nipples have been or were affected by irritation.

Before you decide that your dog is suffering from a serious illness, consider what he’s been up to lately. It is possible that his nipples were scratched accidentally, either by their actions or due to the surrounding environment which is why they are now itchy, red, and swollen.

Stomach Pain

It’s surprising that abdominal pain can cause the nipples of the neck to increase in size. To determine if your dog’s stomach is discomfort, put some pressure to the belly of your dog and watch the reaction that causes it.

Mammary Tumors

The size of male dog nipples could be an indication that your pet is fighting mammary tumors. Learn further about mammary tumors here.


Anemia can also be a cause of swelling of the nipples in males. A simple way to determine whether your dog suffers from anemia or issues with blood circulation is to check whether the color of their gums has changed.

If you’re concerned that one of the preceding reasons has caused your nipples of a male dog to grow consult your vet to come up with an answer.

Black Spots On Male Dog Nipples: What Are They?

It’s quite normal in males that develop dark spots on their nostrils. Sometimes, wax can get accumulated around the area, capturing oils and dirt, and then getting darker with time. Sometimes, these are difficult to get rid of but it’s fairly harmless.

Female dogs can be more likely to develop sebaceous glands that become overactive. The glands are located within hair follicles that surround the hair follicles. If the dog’s coat is not regularly cleaned and frequently, it could release brown substances and then become infected.

The deposition of these chemicals on the skin leads to the creation of marks that are black. Be aware that there isn’t any solution for this issue apart from providing your pet with a thorough scrub once in a while to remove oil and dirt!

Other possible causes of dark spots that appear on the stomach of male dogs could be due to the presence of fleas, and the excretion they produce (AKA “flea dirt”).

Bathing your pet with a shampoo that contains a medicated ingredient (careful not to rub it into the eyes!) and then treating the problem with preventative medication like Frontline or Seresto can rid the pet of fleas as well as those black marks.

Contact your veterinarian if you observe that the spots of black on the nipples of your dog keep altering in appearance and size. This is a grave sign and may suggest the beginning of mammary gland or skin cancer.

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In Conclusion

  • Then, why do male dogs possess plenty of nostrils?
  • After you read through this article, you’ll be aware that male dogs possess many nipples. 
  • This is precisely why male and female dogs generally have the same amount of noses. While female dogs benefit from them as they have babies however for males they’re only an (utterly unnecessary) unnecessary.
  • It’s not uncommon to see male dogs sporting five or six pairs of Nipples (10-12 in all). They may appear as small bumps on the skin of the dog, creating a line that runs from the chest to the groin region.
  • But the fact that they’re not useful doesn’t mean you must ignore them as a pet owner. This is because it’s not impossible for male dogs’ noses to be infected by a condition known as Mastitis.
  • If you notice abrupt changes in your size or color as well as if the male pet starts to leak from its nose (something which shouldn’t happen) It’s time to visit the vet as quickly as possible to have it examined. It could save the life of your dog! your dog!

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