What Should I Do if Poked My Dog’s Eye Accidentally?

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2022)

Every day is a new opportunity to play:

This is how your dog sees it, at the very least.

He is hurling himself at you like the small fuzzy, uncoordinated missile he has become, and the roughhousing starts.

A bit of push here. A bit of play-bite here and there.

When the intensity increases a notch, you try to stay on top of the rush of fur by holding your hands extended.

Suddenly- a YELP! Then a few pathetic grumbles. The action ends.

When the confusion and dust disperses, your dog stands with a tail that is wagging sluggishly with one of his eyes watering and squinting.

“I accidentally poked my dog’s eye!” You’re in awe.

What happens if you accidentally poke your dog’s eye?

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It’s likely to become red and swollen at first. Eyes are delicate, after all, and it’s not that difficult to cause them to get annoyed. However, dogs’ eyes can be thought to be sturdy and don’t usually experience long-lasting effects from the slightest accidental poke.

Make sure you check your fingernails, however. If they’re anything like mine, they’ll be a little over-long which can cause serious damage by cutting on the eyelids, cornea, or the conjunctiva.

There’s nothing much to do at this point, other than keeping an eye on your dog’s eyes for any signs of deterioration. It’s likely to be fine, however, should the eye appear painful or red, you could apply a cold compress on it to make your dog be more comfortable.

Why Is My Dog’s One Eye Closing?

With all due respect, do not feel embarrassed about looking your dog’s eyes! These kinds of incidents happen more frequently than you imagine.  But, it’s not likely to continue for the entire day and dogs will be capable of opening their eyes slowly, as the discomfort subsides.

This can help stop eye infections and, in more serious instances, could cause inflammation and total reduction in vision.

What Does An Eye Infection On A Dog Look Like?

If a dog gets an eye or scratch eye, it usually shows the signs of it, such as:

  • The eye becomes watery
  • The eye is red in the membranes
  • Tissue swelling around the eye
  • The pain, pawing, and rub
  • The eye shuts As described in the previous section.

These are all indications that will disappear in a couple of hours or even a full day at the very least.

Variation in discharge Clear, fluid discharge around the eyes that gets denser or alters to a grayish-yellow hue may be a sign of the onset of an infection.

Redness increase: More redness in the eyelids’ eyes’ whites and conjunctiva (the pink tissues that lie beneath the eyelids).

Increase in discomfort The dog may vocalize or display more discomfort by rubbing or pawing this could be a sign of an escalating inflammation. Dogs may also hold the eye with more force as time goes by.

Eye appearance changes The entire cornea changes in color between a red and a blueish hue, this could be a sign of something is wrong.

Visible indent formation is usually scratching to the cornea and is invisible to the unaided eye. However, the cornea on some occasions can be further damaged because of bacterial causes which can cause a hole or indentation to appear. This is a very grave condition that requires prompt and vigorous treatment from a vet, that if not done, could lead to a rupture complete of the cornea.

What should I do if I accidentally poked my dog’s eyes?

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There are two options you could take when the incident causes you to accidentally scratch your dog’s eye, based on how strong you believe the force was, and the level of anxiety you experience:

Keep an eye on the monitor throughout the rest of the day.

Even if you poked your cornea or sclera, the only thing that could have happened is a small amount of blunt trauma that usually heals its own without intervention. It’s an option to simply be vigilant (pun intended) on the condition for any signs of infection or increasing discomfort.

If your dog seems to be suffering from a lot of pain and holding the eye closed it could be a good idea to apply a cold wrap to the area for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this at intervals of a few hours during the day if required. Sterile saline, contact solutions, and artificial tear drops (just make sure your dog doesn’t take it in!) are all able to be applied to soothe the eyes and remove any dirt that could be accumulating in the eye.

What Will The Vet Be Able To Do If I Accidentally Poked My Dog’s Eye?

The doctor will then determine whether there is an injury to the cornea. This can be done with an easy stain test that uses a specialized dye known as fluorescein.

Similar to monitoring at home, you’ll need to keep an Elizabethan collar on your pet at all times throughout the entire week, to keep it from scratching its eye.

How Much Time Does It Take To Allow A Dog’s Eye Scratched to heal?

If your dog has sustained an injury to its cornea Don’t worry! If properly treated an eye of a dog can recover fully in the majority of instances of minor injury. The eyes are among the most efficient healing organs of the body. They usually, will heal themself when there is a slight trauma or abrasion.

Eye drops will likely require administration every few hours, or four to six times per day.

Be sure to keep your dog inside as much as you can while recuperating. While your dog will dislike it to the core and will be very irritable, wearing the collar around its neck will help protect it from damage caused by scratching and pawing.

In the initial few days, be sure to watch the development of the eye and observe any changes that happen. If you observe strange signs, such as discharge or pain, do not be afraid to bring your dog to the veterinarian.

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In Summary:

  • The first reaction that most people experience when they accidentally poke their dog’s eyes is pure anxiety. It’s the dog’s most feared thing to do something that can harm their beloved pet – and in such an incredibly delicate, sensitive area that is no less.
  • Blunt trauma to the eye and its surrounding regions can cause swelling, bruising, and even cuts. The scratches on the surface of the cornea or eye are not visible by themselves however, they will show symptoms like the appearance of redness, watery discharge, and the eye being kept tightly.
  • If you spot any of these symptoms during the first few days following your incident, then the most effective method of treatment is to seek advice from a professional. The vet is capable of conducting a specific stain test with fluorescein dye to determine the severity and extent of the scratch.
  •  If you treat it properly your dog will have the best chance of making an entire recovery in one week!


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