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Rawhide strips are a popular choice for dog owners as well as their furry companions due to being a relatively cheap and healthy snack.

But, these rawhide bone chew treats could harm a dog’s health due to a myriad of reasons.

Rawhide chews, for instance, are not very digestible, and come in a variety of sharp, hard shapes and sizes.

Therefore, are you concerned if your dog ate rawhide strips?

The short answer is a definitive “Yes”.

Rawhide that has been swallowed could not only pose a serious choke hazard but could also cause intestinal obstructions as well as other life-threatening issues that require immediate visits to the veterinarian.

In this article, I’ll attempt to guide you through the risks of feeding the dog strips of rawhide and also exactly what you should do if your dog eats one (or some).

Finally, I’ll offer you better options for your dog!

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Main Points To Be Aware Of: If My Dog Swallowed Rawhide Strips, What Do I Do?

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If you don’t have time to go through the entire article (though you absolutely ought to! ) Here are some important points to keep in mind when your dog has eaten rawhide strips:

If your dog ate a rawhide, it could have the potential of life-threatening complications. Although it is not impossible for a dog to ingest rawhide fragments, occasionally dogs choke or experience an intestinal obstruction, which can be life-threatening circumstances.

It’s crucial not to be in a panic when your dog does consume rawhide. It’s nevertheless crucial to take swift and prompt actions. Make sure your pet isn’t choked and then remove any remaining pieces of rawhide. Contact your vet or bring your dog to an urgent vet’s clinic.

As we’ve mentioned previously that rawhide is not easy to consume. This is the reason why pet owners should stay clear of giving their dogs rawhide, and instead, choose an alternative that is safer.

Does Rawhide ruin Down In A canine‘s stomach?

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It is entirely possible that swallowing rawhide can cause just mild stomach pain, but there is no guarantee for every situation to be an unpleasant one.

Rawhide-based treats do not break down easily inside the dog’s stomach and that’s the exact issue that needs to be addressed.

Rawhide tends to expand in the stomach when it absorbs moisture and it then passes through the digestive tract in undigested form.

This can put the dog in danger of serious issues, like intestinal obstruction.

Rawhide pieces in the digestive tract could cause food to be removed through the digestive tract, and if it is large enough, there’s an opportunity that it may cause damage to the wall of your intestine.

Internal bleeding due to ruptures in the intestinal wall can lead to sepsis, which is a serious infection. Sepsis symptoms are:

  • Vomiting
  • Unhappy (such as refusing to get out of the cage)
  • Lethargy
  • Inability to move quickly or remain in one spot
  • If the condition isn’t treated quickly can result in death. So, if your dog is suffering due to trying to eat a piece of rawhide, contact your veterinarian immediately.
  • The longer you delay longer, the greater chance of your dog having to undergo an expensive and complex procedure.

So, How long Does it Take For a dog to Digest A Rawhide?

The simple answer is that they don’t really digest it.

In reality, the rawhide goes through the process as it is. Based on the size and structure of the rawhide the process could take anywhere between 24 hours and five days to complete.

What should I Do If My canine Swallowed A Rawhide?

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If you suspect your dog may have taken in rawhide, be sure to follow these steps to make sure your pet is safe.

In most cases, consuming rawhide isn’t likely to cause major concerns, so here are a few tips on what to do before going into complete panic

 investigate Your dog‘s Mouth And Airway


The jaws of your dog should be opened so that you can view your dog’s mouth, and throat. Look to see if rawhide has been lodged in the cheek, tongue, or airway.

cast off Any closing Rawhide pieces out of your dog’s Mouth


You’ll need to attempt to take off the rawhide If you can see it. Try to remove it using your fingers.

Do not use anything lengthy or sharp (like chopsticks or pliers) in an attempt to clean any remnants of rawhide.

This is due to the fact that using these devices can place your dog at significant risk of suffering and that could complicate the situation.

If the pieces don’t emerge, you can perform the canine Heimlich move. Canine Heimlich method is the same as how it’s used on humans, however, with a dog’s anatomy being considered.

Wrap your arms around the dog’s body, placing your hands beneath the ribcage, and squeeze hard to break loose the rawhide. Take a look at this instructional video to learn how to perform the Heimlich maneuver for dogs:

Take away Any Rawhide portions From The place


Be sure to look around for other pieces of rawhide that may be lying around. If your dog is eating more, it’s adding to the mix of what’s already in its body.

Find a Pet Doctor Near You

Consuming a significant amount of rawhide must always be reason enough to warrant an emergency call to your veterinarian.

It is beneficial to take notes and inform the vet of any other information you may have regarding the condition, like the length of time and stomach issues that you have experienced.

The size of your dog will determine the severity of small pieces of rawhide that could cause problems. After listening to the particular details you’ve provided your vet, they will be able to give you advice about whether it is necessary to bring your dog to the vet.

Keep a close eye up on your furries


Sometimes, the vet may ask to watch your pet for an extended set amount of duration.

Be attentive to any deviations from normal drinking, eating, or toileting behavior (such as when your pet’s puke is stuck halfway) Don’t be afraid to call your vet should you observe anything odd.

Keep a close eye on your dog’s excretions.


There’s going to be more than just cleaning up dog poop for a few days.

Rawhide doesn’t break down in the digestive system efficiently Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that it has gone through the digestive system.

You already know what that means.

Every time your dog goes through an incident with bowels, look over the bowel for any blood or unusual colors/textures. If you spot something that is alarming, you need to contact your veterinarian right as soon as you notice anything suspicious.

If your dog isn’t using the bathroom and is suffering from constipation contact your veterinarian.

Because of the rawhide effect, There is no way to determine if it’s simply constipation, or if there’s an obstruction within the colon. Therefore, the best way to resolve the issue is to seek out an expert.

 What if my dog eats a rawhide too fast?


If your dog consumes rawhide at a high rate, it can put the dog at risk of swallowing more of the chunk that can cause the same consequences as the ones we have mentioned previously (namely choking, vomiting, or obstruction of the intestinal tract).

 What are signs that my dog has a rawhide blockage?

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This is due to the fact that the jaws of dogs have been created naturally over time to “rip and swallow” while eating, instead of chewing and digesting food the way humans do.

This can lead to the situation that a dog could tear up large pieces from the outer layer of rawhide chews and then inhale them all rather than chewing them up slowly.

If you suspect it is possible that your pet has swallowed massive chunks of rawhide keep watchful monitor the dog. If they exhibit symptoms of any of these, consult your vet or bring your pet to the nearest vet immediately.

The lodged pieces of rawhide If you are able to open your dog’s mouth and see the rawhide, but are unable to remove it using any means, you should bring your dog to the vet or to an emergency vet as fast as you can.

Your dog might die when the rawhide is trapped in its throat, which is why it’s crucial to act quickly to stop this from occurring.

Troubles with/ Changes in breathing patterns: A change in breathing is a clear indication that something is wrong Be on the lookout when your dog begins to pant in a strange manner or makes bizarre mouth motions.

Small white dog peeing on the grass


Diarrhea Feces that aren’t solid or liquid could indicate obstruction within the colon. This is a sign that the digestion system is trying to get rid of the rawhide.

Severe lethargy: You understand your dog’s behavior the best. If your dog is having less energy or doesn’t want to get out of the crate or is finding it harder to wake up, there’s cause for anxiety.

A sudden shift in behavior could indicate something more serious. It’s not fun the sound of a cracked record but you must call your doctor!

Warning Signs of Panic Signs of Panic: If there’s an issue with digestion, this could cause your dog to become anxious. The signs could include:

  • Follow you around everywhere
  • Vocalization through whining or barking
  • The tail is tucked between its legs
  • Panting non-stop
  • It is sticking its tongue out and shaking

If your dog is in pain You should check the dog’s behavior for changes in how he moves about. If he’s not moving from one place to another, has unusual ways of moving about, or isn’t able to stop whimpering, then he might be suffering and should be examined closely.

 Can rawhide cause panting in dogs?


In this situation, it could be a sign that a blockage has taken place and can cause your dog to be scared and anxious. If this happens it is imperative to get your dog for a visit to your vet as fast as you can.

 How will a veterinarian treat my dog if it swallows a piece of rawhide?


If you think your pet has swallowed rawhide strips, call your veterinarian.

If the incident occurred in the last 30 minutes or less the vet may suggest you incite vomiting* in your pet.

Never induce vomiting without expert guidance, as certain conditions (such as a wrong timing frame, or the sharp edge) could cause danger to perform the procedure. *

The most common method of causing vomiting is an application of three percent hydrogen peroxide solution in the dosage of 1 teaspoon/10 pounds of body weight. It can be administered in a direct manner or via a medium like bread or milk.

After the dog has ingested the remedy, let it move and play for a few minutes. The solution will expand inside the stomach, and eventually push the substance out.

The longer you delay time, the greater risk of injury.

 What is a good substitute for rawhide bones for dogs?

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It’s no secret that dogs love chewing. If your dog loves chewing on rawhide, consider substituting it with these safe alternatives:

Natural food: Choose products that are able to withstand some good chewing such as green beans, carrots, apple stalks, and cabbage.

Nylabones: This fake rawhide is broken down into granules that your dog will be able to digest. Be sure to get one that is large enough so the dog won’t be able to swallow it. Replace it as it becomes small enough to be able to choke on.


Toys made of rubber: You can find a huge range of chewable rubber and wooden toys. Certain, such as the famous Kong come with spaces that you can fill up with snacks and peanut butter. Yum!

Yak Chews They are chewy snacks made of Yak milk. They are delicious for dogs and are fun to chew. As with Nylabones pay attention to how big the bone is and change it as necessary.

Treat puzzles If your dog loves challenges (and rewards) such a puzzle or snuffle mat that has treats inside could be the perfect solution!

Rice chews: They’re exactly what they sound like – chewable, digestible snacks made from rice.

The chewing of teeth: A unique kind of chew (Dentastix as an example)has the additional benefit of washing your dog’s teeth!

 Other options you can try:


Here are a few more alternatives to rawhide, which are more secure and are made at home

Homemade ‘Pupsicles’

Popsicles are delicious snacks for the entire family. With these homemade popsicles, your pet can indulge in an icy sweet treat too!

Homemade Popsicle Recipe

  • Ingredients
  • 2 bananas (medium-sized preferred)
  • 32 8 ounces of plain yogurt
  • Three to four tablespoons of peanut butter.



Combine the bananas, yogurt, and peanut butter in the blender. Blend it all to ensure a consistent consistency has been created.

Pour the mix into silicone molds that you like. The molds can be any design (though I prefer the adorable “paw and bone” ones) and are available quickly through Amazon.

Since the molds can be difficult to move into freezing without spilling out, I would suggest placing them on the top of a notebook or a piece of cardboard prior to filling them. This makes transporting them to the freezer simple.

Place the molds into the freezer until they have fully frozen and are solidified. After that, simply take them out of the molds made of silicone and feed them to your pet and then put the remainder back in the freezer to be used for future use!

Dog Jerky


If your dog isn’t content with sweet treats like the popsicles above, a more meaty treat such as jerky could be a better choice. Here are some of my most loved dog jerky brands that you can purchase on the internet.

My Favorite Dog Jerky Products:


Rocco and Roxie Delicious Jerky Treat for Dogs They’re not only Jerky treats available in a variety of flavors (including chicken, beef, and turkey) they also have soft, smooth textures which makes them a treat for all dogs. They’re also produced by the USA!

“I and love and you” Nice Jerky Bites -The tasty treats are gluten-free and made by the United States. They are made without artificial preservatives. Nice Jerky Bites come in various distinctive flavors that your pet will love, such as chicken and salmon, lamb and beef, and much more!

 Dog Chews Made from Home


  • If you are a fan of making treats for your pet This apple cider dog chew recipe is perfect for you.
  • Your dog will be delighted by the taste and you’ll have plenty of fun creating these!
  • Pumpkin Applesauce DIY Dog Chew Recipe


  • 1 cup of pure pumpkin (make sure that it’s pure pumpkin paste, with no added ingredients)
  • 1 Cup of Applesauce


Mix the puree of applesauce and the pumpkin together in a bowl until they’re combined. Again. Make sure you have pumpkin puree, not filled with pumpkin pie.

The mixture must be spread evenly on the baking sheet, which is lined with parchment.

Bake for 7 to 9 hours at 175°F.

 point. Why? Because ovens differ in their design and depend on the thickness and how evenly you distribute your mix it is possible that your desserts will be ready in less than 7 hours.

These sweets are set to be released when the center is not as hard and sticky.

Let the treats cool for a while on cooling racks. The treats should be cool enough that they’re slightly warm but they are still able to be carried around without burning yourself.

Cut the whole thing into smaller pieces (you can cut them in such a way that they’re exactly the same size as your dog’s usual snack). You could also cut them into three inches long strips, then roll them and twist them into the perfect chewing sticks.

 How Many Rawhides Can a Dog Consume in a Week?

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It’s extremely dangerous when given without supervision and could cause many problems that could lead to potentially life-threatening situations.

If you are concerned about your pet (like I’m sure that you are!) you should get rid of the rawhide and choose something more secure like the ones we’ve mentioned earlier!

It might be no problem in the slightest. You never know, but is it a risk you’re willing to make?

 Is There Anything Better Than Rawhides for Dogs?

Absolutely! The collagen treat, yak cheese, or bully stick are great alternatives. Look closer at the “alternatives” section to select the option that will suit your dog and you best.

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 Final Note.

  • As you can see, if the dog ate rawhide strips, then it’s at least a bit concerned.
  • Unfortunately, any of these diseases could be life-threatening
  • You can also make your own if you like!


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