Should I Be Worried About An Inverted Nipple In Dogs?

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2022)

Why Do Dogs Get Inverted Nipples?

In the end, it’s quite normal for puppies to develop nipples that are upside down as they grow into adulthood. In most cases, they’re not an issue, much as your normal canine nipples. Except they’re upside down.

Although inverted nipples may occur in female and male canines, they’re usually noticeable in nursing or pregnant dogs. This is due to the fact that newborn pups require milk from their mother and the presence of reversed nipples could cause feeding difficulties.

Similar to male dogs that have multiple nipples inverted nipples are a distinct part of your puppy’s anatomy. You can rest assured that there’s nothing wrong with your dog and it’s not suffering simply because it has these nipples, which other dogs don’t.

Are you worried about their appearance, they’re barely visible in the fur. Also, why are you gazing so intently at a dog’s nipples?!

However, it doesn’t mean that problems aren’t possible to arise. Because the nipples are submerged, they serve as a conduit, which is more likely to collect filth and bacteria. In the end, it is commonplace to see nipples inverted on dogs to become black or to show many crusty, odorous accumulation.

In the event that your dog has matured and is just now developing the transposed nipples. 

Does your dog seem to be acting oddly in other ways lately?

Are there any signs of swelling or redness, swelling, or discharge in the nipple region? Are there any signs of bleeding or spread of itchy rashes?

If you observe any of these signs, you may have something else that is threatening to happen within your dog’s body or around the area including hormone imbalances, surface trauma, or infections.

The vet is capable of conducting tests on blood and collecting samples and cultures from the area to determine whether there are any harmful bacteria in the area.

He will then be able to recommend the best treatments for your dog so that it can return to the normal, healthy dog as soon as it is feasible!

How To Treat Inverted Nipples On A Dog

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Add another thing on the checklist of amazing things that we, the pet owners, are willing to give to our pets.

We don’t just clean their mouths after eating the poop, but we also comfort them in times of fear and provide them with the highest quality supplements we can locate- but now we’re expected to wash their inverted nipples as well?!

Yes, we are.

The task of cleaning your dog’s nipples (if they have them) is as important as grooming your dog’s nails as trimming hair, brushing it, and feeding them a healthy diet.

And when our pets demonstrate their love for us and appreciate us by cuddling their heads into our laps – that’s what makes it all worth it.

If your dog has naturally nipples inverted, it is crucial to wash them daily by using a damp, clean cloth or baby wipes to avoid the possibility of infections.

Thus, the only method to cleanse the area is by human intervention.

While some dogs do not mind the process, the majority of dogs will not enjoy it quite as much. They’re likely to be squirming and trying to flee as you try to get rid of the muck on their nipples in reverse.

This will pay off in the future in the future if you’re in need of trust in the event of those areas that require immediate assistance.

What Wipes Should I Use To Clean My Dog?

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The unscented, moist, and soft wipes offer numerous useful properties like:



Avoids alcohol Paraben, alcohol, or sulfate

Aloe, chamomile, and chamomile are in the formula. Shea butter.

How To Prevent A Dog Inverted Nipple Infection

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Examining the belly of a dog and the nipples

It could lead to intense scratching, which can cause bleeding or broken skin. This could increase the risk of infection.

It is likely that it will need to be treated by a vet with prescribed antibiotics, which, as you’re able to imagine, could be quite costly.

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A specific bacterial infection that can affect the dog’s nipples, whether normal or inverted is mastitis. It is a condition that causes irritation of the mammary gland typically caused by injury to the nipple-nipple joint.

As per the Merck Veterinary Manual, it could also be due to poor hygiene and systemic infections. If untreated it can develop into an extremely serious ailment.

  1. Mastitis signs may be:
  2. Lethargy
  3. Refusal to eat
  4. Fever
  5. Vomiting

What Should I Do If My Female Dog Has Inverted Nipples And Has Trouble Feeding Her Puppies?

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. This is evident when a puppy is born and starts nursing.

It is possible that smaller, weaker puppies frequently aren’t getting enough milk. This is because they are being ignored by their littermates in search of readily available nipples and not being able to locate or grasp onto those that are inverted.

But if they miss out too long, it can become a dangerous situation.

There are some actions you can take in these situations:

Make sure to rotate them manually, giving the puppies access to their mother one at a time. In this way, they’ll get the same amount of milk as they can. It will also stop bigger puppies from constantly pushing the smaller ones away from the way.

This will assist in correcting the position of the nipple or at the very least, while you feed. You can pull the nipple first by stretching your skin to the back.

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In Summary:

If it is left in that condition for a prolonged amount of time infection may develop.

A specific bacterial infection that may occur is mastitis. If a dog suffers from Mastitis, it’s going to need to be treated professionally by a veterinarian using antibiotics.

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